Real-time Scenario Sandbox download

Scalar provides you a real-time sandbox scenario to discover what modern real-time big data architectures on basis of Open Source software can mean for businesses.


The scenario is based on modern distributed software architecture components so it can scale up and down on demand on a cluster of distributed computers, spreading the workload and being able to handle vast amounts of data.

The solution is based on two parts, back-end and front-end.


The back-end part of the solution covers processing, aggregating and storage of the incoming streaming data and is provided as a pre-installed virtual machine, the "Sandbox" can be downloaded via below url. After download the sandbox can be run on your local machine, following the step by step instruction manual.

Notice: Once clicking on download you may get a message from Google that the file was not checked on virusses because of its size. We did our own checks to avoid virusses before publishing the content so it should be safe to download.


The front-end of this solution is provided as a mobile app that visualizes the data processed and stored by the back-end via a services API.

Because of the strict regulations of Apple for the App Store the front-end application is currently only available for download for the Android operating system via the Google Play Store. As soon as the iOS version is available you will be noticed here.


In the latest version of the sandbox we added extensive monitoring capabilities of the back-end making use of the combination of Grafana, Prometheus and JMX, providing you with dashboards to create insights in the metrics of the following solution components:

  • Zookeeper
  • Kafka
  • Cassandra
  • Spark
  • Machine


Since Scalar wanted to share this exciting real-time scenario as quick as possible with you we decided for a virtual machine as medium for download. Our goal is to provide you the exact same scenario in the cloud on basis of a micro-services architecture.



Below you will find a number of screenshots of the Android App "Data Stream", to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. How to start the application after installation, how to connect to the Sandbox servicer and how to visualize the incoming streaming generated data.


Google Play Store:



After installation start of the "Data Stream" App and connecting to the Sandbox server:



Initial generation and loading of order data and produce insights over multiple years:



Detail insights per year and over all years (after processing more incoming data):



Detail insights per year and per month: