System integration, Big Data, IoT and Data Science

System integration, Big data, IoT and Data Science

Everwhere data is being generated today for example about usage of products, buying behavior of consumers, logistics, production processes, payments etc. 

The amount of data that is being generated is only increasing due to the increasing processing capacity of processors, smalle form factors, bigger storage capacity and  the availability of cheaper hardware and services needed to store and process this data.

As a result of the above mentioned technological- and price developments sensors can be placed in nearly every object. This not only delivers new data but also business oppertunities for new and more efficient processes who can be disruptive in their domain.

Next to the fact that there are no more technological obstacles to generate data on large scale and store this data, this is not a goal on itself, we are generating data to create value out of it.

Analysing this data has become a new subject area where new technologies and techniques mainly based on open source are being applied to create insights in the shortest amount of time as possible.

This sounds easy but it is far from that, how do we for example formulate the right questions to receive the right answers preventing to draw the wrong conclusions. To get clear answers there are multiple disciplines required: substantive knowledge of the domain, collection of data from different systems, applying relations between this data and understand the quality of the relations, knowledge of the different technologies just to name a few.

Most of the times the customer does not have the disposal of all these disciplines that are required to analyse their data.

By bringing together the domain expertise of the customer with the expertise of Scalar Data about methodologies, techniques and tools required to analyse the data we are talking about Data Science.

Data Science is a term being used for aquiring knowledge by analysing data with techniques and theories from the disciplines math, statistics and information technology.

With many years of experience in the field of data, Scalar Data has the disposal of a multidisciplined team of data engineers with domain expertise and knowledge about the latest technologies and techniques which also enables you to get valuable information from your data !


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