Smart manufacturing and Big Data

Recently we came accross an interesting article about the fact that smart manufacturing companies should make use of big data.

The article is about the amount of sensors that are being used by manufacturers to generate and store store data and the fact that these companies don't know how they have to interpret and leverage this data to increase the efficiency of their processes and products.

On the one hand because they don't have knowledge of this matter on the other hand because they don't give or make priority of this aspect. The average manufacturing company does not have any knowledge of data science and does not know what they need to measure and when. Next to that information is not always stored in a correct way to be able to build data models for getting insights.

There is an enourmous amount of room for improvement for manufacturers by cooperating with universities and innovating startups who have have the knowledge about data and technologies and know how to apply these to realize improvements.

In the article we are refering to in this blog five shortcomings are mentioned:

  • Missing guidance, manufactures hardly or don't let themselves get guided on new technologies for their processes
  • Adoption, manufacturers should develop themselves further as more data gets collected
  • The way data is collected, it is used or not and the way data is being shared or not leaves much to be desired
  • Not or hardly developing predictive models on basis of historical and actual data while introducing new products to the market
  • The lack of linking information systems to processes between different parties

We as Scalar Data know as no other because of our many years of experience in automation that these types of problems are not only found in manufacturing companies but apply to almost all sectors including the automation sector. Hence, we aim to make a bridge for businesses in the effort and adoption of this technological knowledge needed to improve processes.


If you would like to know more about how we can use our knowledge of integration, IoT, big data and artificial intelligence for your company, please contact us, we will be happy to inform you about the possibilities to effectively deploy your data to your business processes.

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Ronald Span

Founder of Scalar Data, over 20 years of experience in a variety of national and international IT projects in different roles, development, consultancy, pre-sales, management and business development. Scalar Data is helping organizations to implement their big data strategy.