About us

Scalar Data - about us


Founded in 2017, Scalar Data is a young innovative company specialized in services and software development related to system integration, big data, IoT and data science.

At Scalar Data we do think in new architectures and solutions that create value for our customers. Due to the digitalization, the world is rapidly changing, the volumes, variety and speed of data are increasing every day. New distributed architectures are required to process these large amounts of data as quickly as possible to create insights.

We all know that the value of information decreases over time, which is why companies want insights when the event occurs insetad of looking at something that has already taken place. Through  near real-time or real-time architectures, it is possible to process data faster and to realize faster insights, which provides an enormous potential to develop new business models and realize value based on insights we previously never could obtain.


It is our mission to help businesses build new architectures and solutions to the ever-increasing amount of data that enables them to grow and be competitive by realizing current insights so they can make the right decisions. As data experts we provide services on the following domains: system integration, big data, IoT, data architecture, engineering, training and support. We believe we can be distinctive to our customers by unlocking, transforming and combining data to information that matters.

We can bring your ideas to life quickly, reliable and with the highest quality.

Open source

We are breathing open source software since we believe our clients will benefit from the speed in innovation and quality of the solution at a fraction of the costs of proprietary software. Money that can be spent to drive our clients innovations. Since some of our clients did invest in proprietary software we also have expertise in some proprietary solutions.


Our company culture and values:

  • Culture and core values

We pay a lot of attention to our company culture and core values.

  • Customer Centered

Our focus is on the needs of our clients, through and open approach and effective communication we make sure that we are a real partner our clients can rely on

  • Results-Driven

We try to excel in what we are doing by understanding our clients business, by listening and communicating actively. We'll make sure that the end-results of our work will meet the clients expectations

  • Trust and Respect

With everything we do for our clients we will be demonstrating reliability and respect by delivering high quality solutions

  • Entrepreneurship

We innovate during our work by keeping up with the latest technology innovations providing value to our clients

  • Fun

No company can exist without happy and loyal employees, we are looking after our employees and make sure they have fun during their work as well, this makes that our employees are highly motivated beside being passionate about their work and enjoying the challenges we come across.